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SUPER Roland JD-990 Sounds

64 JD-990 sounds per volume on disk
Volume 1, Keyboards, Basses, Guitars, Lead Synths
Volume 2, Analog and Techno
Volume 3, Bells, Harps, Mallets, Percussive Synths
Volume 4, Atmospheric Space, Film Textures
Volume 5, Strings, Brass, Winds, Orchestral

Great KORG 01/W Sounds

"It's a great pleasure to listen to it [01/W Library], they sound
original and powerful and can be used it a large choice of styles.
Congratulations!" e-mail to Cesium Sound
100 01/W sounds per volume on disk
1.) Keyboards, Basses, Guitars, Lead Synths
2.) Drums, Percussion, Hits, Pitched Percussion
3.) Synths Pads, Atmospheric, Textures
4.) Solo Instruments, Ensembles, and Orchestral

New YAMAHA SY-85 Sounds

63 SY-85, TG500 sounds per volume on disk
1.) Electric and Acoustic Instruments
2.) Drums, Percussion and Effects
3.) Techno, Analog, and Digital Synths
4.) Pads, Atmospheric, New Age

W A V E S T A T I O N Sounds!

Commanding Sweeps, Diaphonous Pads, Irredescent Patterns
50 Performances, 35 Patches, Wavesequences on disk  $30

The Ultimate ESQ-1 Library

"Some of the patches are nothing short of stunning and are
worth the price alone." letter to Cesium Sound
40 ESQ-1 sounds per volume on disk
1. Acoustic Keyboards
2. Electric Keyboards
3. Electric Guitars, Basses
4. Plucked Strings
5. Drums and Percussion
6. Pitched Percussion
7. Lead Synths
8. Synth Pads
9. Analog
10. Modern Rock
11. Techno
12. Metallic
13. Bells
14. Gongs, Jars, and Glass
15. New Age 1
16. New Age 2
17. Spectral
18. Space
19. Abstract Effects
20. Imitative Effects
21. Singing Voices
22. Strings
23. Woodwinds
24. Brass

All 960 sounds	$48

The Complete SQ-80 Library

"These patches SING. They have a lustre and presence I have
not heard on ANY of the nearly 1600 patches I have collected."
40 SQ-80 sounds per volume on disk
1. Keyboards
2. Guitars and Basses
3. Lead Synths
4. Synth Pads
5. Analog
6. Techno
7. Modern Rock
8. Metallic
9. Drums
10. Pitched Percussion
11. New Age
12. Crystalline
13. Space
14. Bells and Voices
15. Harps and Strings
16. Brass and Woodwinds
All 640 SQ-80 sounds	$48
All 1600 ESQ-1 and SQ-80 sounds  $64

Programmed PROTEUS/1 Sounds

"I had to stop to write this FAX. You have made this Proteus what
I hoped it would be when I purchased it. Superb programming.
The nuances are subtle when appropriate and powerful where
applicable. Really, you deserve all the praise that one can get!!!
FAX to Cesium Sound
64 Proteus/1 sounds per volume on disk
1. Keyboards, Guitars, Lead Synths,
2. Basses, Pads
3. Drums, Percussion, Mallets, Chimes
4. Ethereal, Atmospheric, New Age
5. Strings, Choirs, Orchestras
6. Brass, Woodwinds, Saxes

Programmed PROTEUS/2 Sounds

"Your sounds are excellent! It's the best investment after buying
the Proteus/2 itself." letter to Cesium Sound
64 Proteus/2 sounds per volume on disk
1. Solo Orchestral Instruments
2. Ensembles and Orchestral Sections
3. Bells and Percussion
4. Synthetic and Atmospheric

The Essential TX81Z Sounds

"I'm really impressed with your voices for the TX81Z.
A few are among my favorite electronically generated
sounds, quite an accomplishment considering the TX81Z
is a relatively low end tone module." letter to Cesium Sound
8 volumes with 256 TX81Z sounds on disk  $30

The Definitive D-50, D-550 Library

"Nick Longo, the programmer, has made an outstanding
contribution... I cannot believe I am hearing a product of
synthesis." Review, Electronic Musician
64 D-50 sounds per volume on disk
1. Top 40
2. Analog Leads, Sweeps, and Pads
3. Natural and Synth percussion
4. New Age
5. Space and Atmospheric
6. Orchestral
All 384 sounds	  $64

Best VFX, VFX(SD), SD-1 Sounds!

"I must congratulate your programmer on the excellent selection
of sounds found on these cartridges. In fact, the sounds are
vastly superior to most of the sounds supplied by [other] programmers." letter to Cesium sound
60 VFX, VFXSD, SD-1 sounds per volume

1.) Acoustic and Electric Pianos, B3 Organs, Accordians, Basses
2.) Electric Guitars, Lead and Analog Synths
3.) Drums, Hits, Tuned and Exotic Percussion
4.) Pads, Sweeps, Layers, and Unique Timbres
5.) Ethereal, Atmospheric, Spectral, New Age
6.) Acoustic Guitars, Harps, Bells, Chimes, Plucks, etc.
7.) Strings, Brass, Woodwinds (Saxes), Choirs
Programmable EEPROM Cartridges
$50 with any bank of sounds $40 blank
Sounds on Disk
Quantity One Two Three Four Five Six Seven
Price $25 $40 $55 $64 $72 $78 $84
Special Megawave volume for SD-1 (also VFXSD)!	$20
acoustic and electric pianos, basses, orchestras and more 	

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Sounds are available on internal disk format for various keyboards, most librarian programs for Mac or PC computer, in Sysex format and on downloader disks. Please specify when ordering. Demo cassettes for any of the above libraries are $5.00 each.

California residents must pay sales tax. Shipping charges are $4.00 per order except where indicated. Shipping to Canada is $5.00, all other countries $6.00. Orders shipped within 48 hours, delivery usually within one week.

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