Cesium Sound Written Testimonials from Cesium Sound Customers

"Your [SY-85] sounds are really good. Better than the disk I also got from..." ZS, Great Falls, VA

"It's a great pleasure to listen to it [01/W Library], they sound original and powerful and can be used in a large choice of styles. Congratulations!" MM, Geneva, Switzerland

"Thanks for the sounds, they're all accomplished work in themselves and fantastic to play as well as tweak. Especially nice JD990 pad and 01/W lead programming." JH, Boise, ID

"Received your sounds on Saturday the 16th and they are all excellent and very useable for interesting and varied applications. The quality of your programming has earned you a customer in me for a long time to come. Keep up the great work." AS, New York, NY

"I just downloaded the 256 sounds for my Proteus/1. I had to stop to write this FAX. You have made this Proteus what I hoped it would be when I purchased it. Superb programming. The nuances are subtle when appropriate and powerful where applicable. Really...you deserve all the praise that one can get!!!" BK, Paris FRANCE


"I am so pleased with the several disks I've gotten from you for my EPS--great sounds. GD Frisco, TX

"I have been extremely impressed with the quality of your EPS samples and want to order more wonderful sounds from your company." GC San Antonio, TX

"I must congratulate your programmer on the excellent selection of [VFX] sounds found on these cartridges. In fact, the sounds on these cartridges are vastly superior to most of the sounds supplied by Ensoniq programmers. RM Houston, TX

"The [VFX] B3 organs and the bass sounds are unbeatable, as well as the percussive sounds." BA San Mateo, CA

"As I said on the phone your [SQ-80] patches are great. I'm particularly impressed at how clean they sound." GM Elrose, CANADA

"I am very satisfied with every last [EPS] disk that I ordered. Thanks again and keep up the good work." EC Warwick, BERMUDA

"I still say you have the best quality and prices of all the other 3rd party sound developers. Keep up the good work." EC Southampton, BERMUDA

"Most of all I appreciate you wonderful sounds. I own all your ESQ-1/SQ-80 sounds and they're truly--GREAT!!! THANKS AGAIN." KR Miami, FL

"Your sounds are great! Keep me on your mailing list for future ESQ-1 programs." CV Santa Barbara, CA

"I am tremendously impressed with the quality and range of the voices." KH Ashland, OR

"I came by to see you several months ago and have cart C (which is fantastic, thanks!!) JM Oakland, CA

"I have bought ESQ-1 sounds from you twice before, and I want to thank you for your latest sound list." BR Los Angeles, CA

"Incidentally the last cartridge I purchased from you guys was great. Especially liked the Redhed sound and others too numerous to mention. Keep up the good work." PS Meriden, CT

"As I wrote the first time I purchased your sounds, they are very beautiful and adequate for the kind of music I do...Please don't stop your great work on this magic sample player!!!" DF Bondeno, Italy

"I thought your treatment of my case was way above what one would normally regard as service." Enfield, Australia

"A note of thanks for the tremendous job that you guys have done in putting together the sounds for the Proteus MPS...the sounds that you have created has given me a new dimension for composing and writing music. Even taking it a step further...I have unlimited resources for producing unique sounds." DW New York, NY

"I was very pleased with the first set of sounds I got from you, and am looking forward to extending my sound inventory." EK Gettysburg, PA

"I received your cartridge #H recently and have found the sounds most usefull in recording background for classical guitar." CN So. Bethlehem, NY

"I want to tell you how much I've enjoyed using your sounds. They're fabulous! Thank you for your time and talent." JH Delmar, NY

"I am using your sounds a lot. I have others, but I find yours are the most usefull. Thank you for doing great work." SW Worcester, NY

"I love the sounds. The company I do most of my work for also like them a lot." SW Worcester, NY

"Thanks again for the GREAT programming." SW Worcester, NY

"I was very impressed with the various sounds you developed." LL Des Plaines, IL

"The sounds are really great. I especially like the transparency of the keyboard sounds." MS East Providence, RI

"Yes! Yes! Your sounds are the best on the market and I want em all." JH Eastsound, WA

"I'd like to thank you again for your consistently high-quality sounds." JH Eastsound, WA

"I am very pleased with your sounds. They're terrific...your competitor's sounds are not your quality at all." RZ Philadelphia, PA

"I now have over 300 of your sounds and they're great." TG Lee, MA

"I have found your patches to be musically usefull with very few sounding the same. The ones that are similar have subtle but important differences, not just a tweak here or there. Some of the patches are nothing short of stunning and are worth the price alone." MZ Santa Cruz, CA

"I'm very pleased with the volumes I've orderred from you, and I'd like to order more." HD Houston, TX

"I have just received your cartridge 'D' voices strings etc., and I find it to be most satisfactory." SP Syracuse, NY

"Nice sounds-send more." TD Hartford CT

"I love your sounds." JL Springfield, MO

"I have been enjoying the sounds I bought from you earlier this year. I would like to order..." RZ Philadelphia, PA

"I've enjoyed the sounds I ordered previously, and have found them to have a wide range of applications. I compose music in the"new age" category, and have used many of the gem named sounds. Also your keyboard sounds (piano, organ) are very nice for the middle of the road rock that I play...Thanks again for your good work, and keep those sounds coming." KM Aptos, CA

"While I think of it, let me mention that if jazz is your thing, Nick Longo of Cesium Sound has a [ESQ-1] patch, Vibes2, that is just as phenomenal in recreating a real world sound." Review of Voice Crystal 2, TRANSONIQ HACKER

"CHILE in [ESQ-1 Volume 10] served as an inspiration for a new Latin riff the moment we started playing it." my sound, mysteriously attributed to Q-Spectrum», KEYBOARD

"Thank you for the great sounds in the ESQ-1 Library you have sent me. I can see why you wrote in to "Keyboard" magazine as your sounds are as good as the Q-Spectrum» ones, except you have 640 of them not 160." LE Sydney, AUSTRALIA

"Longo's strong suit seems to be the atmospheric voices--[ESQ-1 Vols. 14,15]--of which I like every one I heard, especially the one named GOLD. Many of the other quality sounds would be of great use to the Techno-pop synthesist--check out [Vols.4-6] with titles such as OSMIUM and NOID4." Review, TRANSONIQ HACKER

"These sounds are HOT" SQ-80 Review, TRANSONIQ HACKER

"I've heard your ESQ-1 voices and am impressed. I hope your TX81Z programs are as good." TG W.Islip, NY

"As an ESQ-1 customer, I've been delighted with your sounds. I just got a Roland D-50 and when I saw your ad, well..." DH Plantation, FL

"Really enjoy your last 2 [D-50] ROMs.They are very clear and distinct. The sounds are not muffled. Eagerly awaiting your 2 new ones and any in the future." EH Ladson, SC

Your other sounds which I ordered were excellent." JG Mamaroneck, NY

"[Supplementary] Volume 2.1 for the SQ-80 transcended all standards for digital synthesizers. It was unquestionably the finest programming I have seen on the SQ-80.." JG Mamaroneck, NY

"Great patches!" SS Elmont, NY

"I think your sounds are great." NK Arcata, CA

"You are doing a great job--keep me in mind for anything new for the D-50--many thanks." GA Paradise Valley, AZ

"Keep up the great work and great prices." JG Erie, PA

"It was great to get your last ad. Keep em coming!" JG Erie, PA

"I'm very glad to receive a letter from you today, with a list of SQ-80 sounds. It looks good to me. Here I order all six volumes on disk. If you have more sounds in future, please let me know!" MA Houston, TX

"I love many of the sounds I've purchased already (lead synths, New Age 1, more). I also love the affordablility of the sounds-without a doubt the best spent money on ESQ-1 sounds." WR, Orono, ME

"I love your work." JC Baltimore, MD

"Your ESQ-1 sounds are great. Please keep up the good work." WH Chicago, IL

"I have been busy producing and selling music from the other cartridges purchased from you. [ESQ-1] Cartridges A, B, and E deliver great sounds for me to create audio for the video production company that I contract work for." FS Bismark, ND

"Delighted to order more of your outstanding sound files for the SQ-80!" MT Cahokia, IL

"As always, I know there will be many sounds I can put to use right away. Thanks for your programming." MS Ypsilanti, MI

"Because the "Nick Longo" [SQ-80] patches are so highly regarded, this will probably be the only patches we purchase, therefore, we would like to have the complete library." JG Cassville, MO

"Got your upgraded sounds for the TX81Z letter several months ago-hope it's not too late to order. I'm very pleased with your sounds and have modified some for use with my WX7 wind controller." DS Linden, NJ

"What I have heard of the sounds is great!" Thank you. FM Quebec, CANADA

"Oh all right... can't resist getting the additional sounds in your listing! Please send the additional volumes of TX81Z sounds. MA Greensboro, NC

"I'm really impressed with your 5 volume set of voices for the TX81Z. I've found a high percentage of them usefull. In fact, a few are among my favorite electronically generated sounds, quite an accomplishment considering that the TX81Z is a relatively low-end tone module." RS Scotia, NY

"Nick Longo, the programmer, has made an outstanding contribution to the synthesis of acoustic instruments...I cannot believe I am hearing a product of synthesis." Review, D-50 sounds, ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN

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