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About Cesium Sound

Nick Longo started Cesium Sound in 1986 by running a free classified ad for 40 ESQ-1 sounds, more out of financial need than any design. Things seemed to explode after that, as anyone using MIDI at that time remembers. The excitement has died down, but Nick still operates the business as an entity to market his ongoing sound, music, and software development efforts. You can read about his varied background and his original research by following the links below.

Sounds for MIDI Synths

All the original Cesium Sound libraries of sounds for MIDI synthesizers are still available, with some new additions. Nick's sounds have been used by tens of thousands of musicians worldwide, many of whom sent us written testimonials. They are all original and most libraries underwent several upgrades. They also have registered copyrights, so they aren't available in public domain libraries. The sounds only come on disks. Cards and cartridges are no longer available, except programmable EEPROM cartridges for the Ensoniq VFX, VFXSD and SD-1. For prices and categories see the link below.

Actuality CD

Among Nick's recent efforts is an electronic music CD titled Actuality, released in 1994. On it he used some of his early experiments in gestural control, which eventually led to the development of a full fledged gesture synthesis architecture. In 1994 and 1995 it was played on more than 110 radio stations and reviewed in 16 national and local publications. Actuality continues to get reviews and airplay, and is currently on the Ambient Caverns streaming audio site. Actuality can be purchased on the web from Backroads Music, from Amazon.com, or mail order from Cesium Sound for $14.95, or $12.00 when ordering sounds. You aren't likely to find it in stores, although we got a call recently from one of our sound customers who'd found a copy in a used record store in Santa Cruz, CA.

Gesture Synthesis

Nick's most recent project was the research and development of gesture synthesis software, for which he received a U.S. Patent. It can be used to synthesize control data such as pitch bend "licks" that may be triggered and controlled in real time. A prototype application called Flex Processor was reviewed in the March 1998 issue of Electronic Musician magazine and at http://www.electronicmusic.com/. It also appeared in the July 1997 issue of Keyboard magazine. It's a little out of date now and currently unavailable. But Nick has a second patent, issued in early 2007, for technology that addresses the limitations Flex Processor. You can read more about his theories and ongoing development by following the links below.

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